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The Multiple Advantages Of The Java Programming Language

Java while it’s not known to a lot of newbies, has actually gained a massive amount of popularity since it first appeared many years ago. It’s used on a wide variety of things such as games, browser games, software, etc. It’s also very convenient and offers a lot of different features that web based programming languages do not offer. The success of advanced java can trace back way to its design when it was made with some of the most distinguishable programming features that anyone had ever seen. Since then it’s been recognized as THE universal networking computer programming language.

The official definition of Java as defined by the owner “Sun Microsystems” is this:

Java is a simple, object-oriented, distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture, natural, portable multi threaded and dynamic.”

So what are some of the significant advantages that new to java offers over the other entire library based programming languages?

First and foremost, Java is actually very easy to learn regardless of the amount of experience you have. It was designed to be easy to use which makes it very easy to learn. It’s one of the easiest languages to write, compile and debug when you compare it to some of the other languages which are a nightmare for the inexperienced.

The language is object-oriented

What does this mean? Essentially, being object-oriented is just a fancy programmer’s way of saying that it allows you to create modular programs and it also allows you to re-use some of the reusable code that it creates.

Platform Independence

One of the best and most significant features of java programming is the ability to transfer it from one computer system to another. Much like a web designer needs to make sure a website works in different browsers, a programmer has to make sure a program works on different computers and Java makes this extremely easy.


When you write network programs in Java, it’s actually a lot like sending and receiving data from a file.


When Java was designed, they also had security in mind which a lot of people feel there was a lot of focus on. Java was developed with security in mind.


What does robust mean and how does it relate to Java? Java comes with reliability and not only does it put a lot of emphases on checking early for any possible errors but they can detect a lot of problems that would only first show up during execution in other languages.


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